COVID-19 and its Impact on World Health

COVID-19 and its Impact on World Health

To our valued clients,

By now, you’ve heard about COVID-19 and its impact on world health. While the news media is filled with sensational stories designed to grab your attention, the coronavirus is real, and you should take appropriate precautions based on the best data out there. Please visit the CDC website for the best, most up-to-date information.

We will continue to extend our experience, knowledge and support to you all and take measures of best practice to continue our services. Our services will continue to run as per normal.

To prepare and manage our business through this period, we can provide Telehealth services to those who require it. If your immune system is compromised or you feel vulnerable, we can provide home visits or the newest option of Telehealth. This means we can use Skype, zoom and phone support services throughout this time.

As health professionals we will always also be taking the same advice and can continue our work with Telehealth services, however at this time our services will remain as per normal.

Office sanitation
In our Quindalup and Margaret River Office, our building has provided:
• Hand sanitiser in the reception entry and therapy rooms
• Increased cleaning to desks, doors and bathrooms.

Working through this together
In a challenging time for everyone, we are committed to working with you and our stakeholders along with the relevant authorities to listen, take advice and importantly, take decisive action to help people and organisations through this period.��Should you have any questions or need further information about how we are managing aspects of our business and the delivery of your services, please reach out to us to create a phone or Skype/zoom session or contact us on (08)97505413 as your wellbeing matters to us.

Anxiety is also spreading in these times. The anxiety “virus” is also spreading quickly through a phenomenon known as social contagion. We hear about worst case scenarios in the media, and discuss what could happen with family, friends, and co-workers. This extreme level of uncertainty gets passed from person to person at the speed of social media, driving up anxiety to panic levels.

If you or a loved one is dealing with anxiety, we’d like to help. Here are some tools you can use today:

1. Smiling minds app and headspace these apps help calm our worried brain and make better decisions.
2. Understanding why our brains react this way to anxiety is an important as it mostly is protective and makes us aware of danger. Although in times of panic it can become heightened.
3. Use your senses-Anxiety narrows your focus onto perceived threats (i.e., whatever you’re feeling afraid of or worried about in the moment) which can impact your focus and memory. Practice mindfully broadening your view by using your senses — what do you see, hear, smell, etc. — to improve attention and experience.
4. Have gratitude- Practice gratitude as another way to broaden your focus. There are the things that you worry about, and there are also the things you can be grateful for.
If you need more support, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please look at the website below for more details from authorities.

We have online services that will be available shortly for accessing information and essential training.

Kind Regards
Joanne, Madison, Lisa and Kate

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