Tricia Woods

Registered Psychologist

Tricia Woods has been working in Dunsborough as a counsellor in private practice for the last eight years, and is well respected in the community as an effective and caring practitioner. Prior to moving to Dunsborough from Fremantle in 2012, Tricia was employed as a registered psychologist with a consulting company that specialised in injury management and career transition. Tricia received her Bachelor of Science (Psychology) degree and Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology from Curtin University in Western Australia.

Tricia’s areas of special interest include, stress management, anxiety and depression, low self-esteem and self-confidence, early motherhood anxiety and stress, parenting difficulties, career change, relationship challenges and transitions, grief, loss and eating disorders.

Tricia’s therapeutic approach is client-focused and practical. She aims to empower clients to apply the concepts and strategies discussed in sessions in their daily lives, with ease and confidence. The foundation of her philosophy is that we are all capable of learning new skills and perspectives, and that improving the quality of our lives is a life-long journey.