Petal ; The Other Side of Suicide – Tanya French

Petal ; The Other Side of Suicide – Tanya French

To lose someone you love is a tragedy, but to lose someone to suicide is extremely difficult to cope with. I lost my husband to suicide in 1998. He was 38.

Apart from the normal grieving process that comes with death, death by suicide has many more layers of grief that must be dealt with; unless you have experienced that loss, it is impossible for any one person to totally understand the myraid of feelings and emotions on top of normal grieving.

My writing commenced 15 years ago and was just notes initially. It then developed to tapping away on the computer and then to formatting my writings and finally this book.

My story is real and raw. I hope you can feel the pain that my family and I suffered as this is what I want readers to know – the struggle for those left behind after someone’s suicide. I want you to see how someone else can and did get through it.

It is also important for me to reach out to those that may be contemplating suicide, so they can feel the pain that it will cause if they choose that road….suicide is not the answer….it is the problem.

A percentage of my royalties from sales of this book are going to Lifeline.

Tanya French, Author

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